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Find out about Victory’s UV manufacturing facility

The heat and light technology experts

Victory’s product range covers a full spectrum, with products ranging from UV lamps for curing, through LED and incandescent lightbulbs, to infrared heating lamps and fittings.
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UV lamps


Reptile pet care

Reptile heater bulbs

Heaters and natural light bulbs for healthy happy pets.

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With distributors throughout the world and warehouse centres in the UK, USA, Poland, Australia and China, Victory has the capability to get product to where it is needed quickly and efficiently.
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halogen and
decorative lighting

LED light bulb

Light bulbs for households and commercial buildings. Save up to 80% electricity with LEDs.

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Heat emitters for industry and home

A wide range of lamps and heat emitters for comfort heating and numerous industrial applications.

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UV emitters for industry and print

UV lamps for industrial and print processes including curing and sterilisation.

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IP Testing video

Watch this video of one of our heaters being IP tested.

See what we put our products through to make sure they are safe - water jetted onto a live infrared heater!

Lighting design service

Victory’s FREE lighting design service can plan your lighting installation for you to ensure it is efficient and meets industry standards.

Lighting design Applications

Contour lamps

Victory Contour IR heaters can be shaped to match the requirements of the production process, so heat is targeted exactly where it is needed.

Infrared Curing

UV lamps for printing

Victory supplies both OEMs and printers with high quality lamps that are dependable and deliver the performance needed for this busy industry.

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for print


UV LED array

These combine the benefits of LED — long life and low energy consumption — with the powerful curing properties of ultraviolet light.

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Infrared Curing Circular infrared lamp for IR heat UV LED system for industrial processing and printing

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Printing press Infrared warehouse heaters

Find out how to cut warehouse heating cost.

Save money on warehouse heating

Victory infrared heating is a directional, radiant heat source that just heats people, so does not waste energy heating the stock, the building structure and air.

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