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Victory Lighting UV lamps



UV emitters

Ultraviolet light sources have many applications in industry, health and hygiene, printing, security and many more.

With over 24 years of experience in specialist lighting, Victory can supply high-quality products for OEMs in these industries.

Victory’s recent investment in the UK-based UV lamp manufacturer, Blue UV, has secured the company’s place as a world leader in the UV lamp market.


Germicidal Lamps are efficient emitters of ultra-violet (253.7nm) due to low-pressure mercury vapour. The resulting UV light can be used effectively in applications that require a germicidal effect.
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Bacticlean helps to rid the air of airborne bacteria and viruses such as MRSA, swine flu, bird flu and the common cold.
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Medium pressure

Victory medium pressure and metal halide UV sources have many uses in curing, disinfection of air and water, and the printing industry.
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LED UV curing / drying modules and dichroic
UV reflectors.
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Germicidal UV lamp Bacticlean destroys airborne viruses Metal halide UV lamps for curing, disinfection and printing UV ultraviolet sterilisation


There are many applications for Victory medium pressure UV and often they require customisation of the product. Use the SPECIFICATION FORM to supply us with details of what you need and we will contact you to advise.

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