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Heatlight small IR paint drying systems

Heatlight Small IR paint drying systems

This Heatlight small infrared dryer range is perfect for small drying jobs or to augment larger drying systems. Power ranges from 1 - 2 kW



Stand mounted infrared paint dryer

VLP10 IR paint dryer

All the features of a flexible hand held heater, with the benefits of a free standing paint dryer.

The VLP10 is the ideal way to compliment an existing full size drying system. Used with the stand it also becomes an ideal additional heat source or spot drying unit. This model is intended for use on small repairs and drying jobs.

VLPX10 IR paint dryer

The VLPX10 is a 1kW single lamp cassette, stand mounted dryer. It will compliment any existing full size drying system. Designed to be used with a Victory lightweight stand, with or without a HLPT 60 minute timer. It is an ideal addition to a drying system, for drying sills, bumpers, lower areas of vehicles and any number of other small jobs.





VLP15 IR paint drier

A longer three lamp cassette stand mounted unit, ideally suited for drying sills, bumpers and lower areas of the vehicle. The cassette can be lowered on the stand to help dry those hard to reach areas on the vehicle.

VLP20M IR paint drier

This mobile infrared dryer is specifically designed for use in small areas, for smaller repairs. Extremely mobile, the unit can be positioned accurately using the built in distance sensor control. The VLP20M has two 1kW glare control lamps, fitted into individual switchable cassettes.



Hand held infrared paint dryer