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About us | Products | Applications | Contact | Downloads | Blog | Jobs

Clear PET plastic infrared lamp Reflector PET plastic infrared lamp

Lamps for plastics manufacturing

Victory lamps reduce the cost of PET manufacture

Victory PET lamps provide more heat and last longer.





Quartz tube



PET plastic bottle

Victory PET reflector lamps focus infrared heat forward in the direction where it is required, reducing the loss of heat to the rear and improving efficiency.

A reflective coating is applied to the surface of the lamp, usually covering 180° of the quartz tube. Infrared heat is emitted forward through the quartz tubing, or is reflected off the back of the tube to then pass out from the front.

Infrared lamps that fit the purpose

For infrared heating in production processes that require a specific shape, Victory can produce contoured infrared lamps to any shape.

Victory contour lamps are available in a variety of finishes and can be customised to your requirement, so contact us to discuss your specification.

Forming plastic pipe

Victory Contour IR heaters can be shaped
to match the requirements of the production
 process so heat is targeted exactly where it is

Graph of Vcitory PET lamp performance

Tests of Victory PET lamps against a major competitor show that they provide more heat energy per Watt, so will save money for the user. They also have longer life than many competitors, which reduces replacement cost.

That is why Victory PET lamps are used by many OEM equipment suppliers throughout the world, and are the first choice of replacement lamp by PET manufacturers.

Compatible with all major OEMs including Sidel, Krones, Sipa, SMI, ADS and Side. Download the datasheet for technical information.

Circular infrared lamp