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Victory infrared products

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Infrared systems and lamps

Infrared lamps

Victory’s range of infrared lamps is second to none, covering every application from simple heaters to lamps for complex industrial processes.

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Controllers and accessories

To complement its heating products Victory supplies controllers to ensure that heaters are used as efficiently as possible, as well as accessories such as parasol mounting arms.

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Infrared heater

Infrared people heaters

Victory has a wide range of infrared heater fittings for use indoors or outdoors, in both domestic and commercial situations. There is also a range of accessories and controllers.

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Infrared heaters for outdoor dining

Infrared fittings for industry

Victory Lighting supplies manufacturers with a wide range of fittings for use in industrial processes such as drying and curing. These include:

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Infrared vehicle paint drying

Infrared paint drier

Victory Lighting infrared vehicle paint curing systems cover a wide range of applications from hand-held and spot drying to large areas. A range of controllers enables full control of the process.

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Fast Bake Oven

Fast drying for wood and metal paint and varnish finishes

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Fast Bake Oven for drying paint and varnish

Heatlight is Victory’s brand for commercial infrared heating fittings. The range includes paint dryers and the Fast Bake Oven.

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