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Infrared fittings

Infrared solutions

Infrared is a very versatile heat source and for over 30 years Victory Lighting has applied this technology to a host of applications in both the commercial and domestic environments.

Apart from comfort heating, there are many industrial processes that require a flexible, responsive heat source and Victory has products that cater for these.


Infrared heat can be classified into three types and these have various advantages according to the application’s requirements.

Long wave

4000nm-1mm. Typical temperature 700°C or less.
Least sensitive to colour and readily absorbed by water.

Medium wave

1600-4000nm. Typical temperature  950°C-1600°C. Insensitive to colour and readily absorbed by water and many plastics and paints. Peak heat is not reached instantly.

Short wave

760-1600nm. Typical temperature  2200°C. Instant heat with high output. More penetrating than long wave and is good for heating metals, but can pass through clear materials.

Victory’s infrared heaters include products for indoor or outdoor use and can provide personal heating for domestic use, area heating for restaurants and bars and heating for larger areas such as warehouses.

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Typical applications for infrared heat

Infrared cermaic heater elementInfrared medium wave moduleVictory Lighting infrared heater

Infrared people heating

Heatlight is Victory’s brand for commercial infrared heating fittings. The range includes paint dryers and the Fast Bake Oven.

Infrared heat for industrial processes

Medium wave modules

Infrared quartz medium wave modules are an efficient heat source for a variety of industrial processes, primarily those that entail thermoforming of plastics.

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Ceramic heater elements

Heater elements for fittings used in close proximity to heated objects/people/animals. No visible light.

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Vehicle paint drying

Victory has an extensive range of infrared paint driers.

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Fast Bake Oven

Fast drying for wood and metal paint and varnish finishes

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